Local Offer SEN

What is the SEN local offer?

The special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) local offer brings together information that is helpful to children and young people aged 0-25 and their families.

The local offer at Kiddie Capers Childcare covers:-

  • Public services that are available within education, health and social care
  • Help for parents and carers like independent advice services and who to speak to if you think that your child needs extra help

How does Kiddie Capers Childcare know if a child needs any additional support?

Kiddie Capers Childcare prides itself on the relationships that we have with the children and their families. Each child is allocated a key person and a buddy key person as they start at the nursery. This person is responsible for completing regular observations and assessments for each of their key children. Alongside this, the key person uses their knowledge of the children and their interests to plan exciting and stimulating experiences for them. Through the regular observations, assessments and daily interactions with the children we are able to identify if any child would be in need of any additional support.

During the child’s first few weeks at the nursery with the child’s key person, a baseline assessment is shared with the child’s parents and the key person. This is an ideal opportunity for the parent’s to identify any needs with the key person so that Kiddie Capers Childcare can ensure that all needs are catered for.

How will our staff support your child?

Our relationships with each and every child ensures that their individual needs are being met. To further support this we have comprehensive policies and procedures which are regularly reviewed and altered if necessary. Furthermore, we have a dedicated nursery SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities co-ordinator) who has received training through the local authority to support the children and their families.

Where necessary, the SENDCO will work closely with the key person to create and implement any relevant plans, such as individual plans, that are required which celebrate the child’s abilities and interests.  

Our SENDCO is responsible and skilled at liaising with external agencies and professionals such as Inclusion Officers, Speech and Language Therapists and the child’s Health Visitor so that we can gain additional advice and support should we need to. Parents are consulted prior to any involvement with external agencies and are fully involved in any such intervention, our SENDCO and the key person will work in partnership to ensure that all strategies, suggestions and targets remain a focus.

How are you, as parents, included with your child’s education and curriculum at Kiddie Capers Childcare?

At Kiddie Capers Childcare, we recognise and value that each parent is their child’s first and primary educator and as such the partnership that we build is paramount. We aim to ensure that open and honest communication is maintained to continue to fully support every child’s learning and development.

Information is also shared on the child’s online learning journey to enable the parent’s to view the progress and add to the record whenever they would like. This ensures we work closely to monitor, plan and evaluate children’s learning and progress.

Is our nursery accessible?

At Kiddie Capers Childcare we are proud that all of our nurseries are individual. We celebrate the uniqueness of each nursery and encourage this to remain a feature at Kiddie Capers Childcare. We have a wide range of different buildings and layouts. Each child’s individual needs are taken into account. The nursery manager and SENDCO will confidently work in partnership with the parents to ensure that the environments remain as inclusive and accessible as is possible. All reasonable adjustments will be made to support the child and their individual needs.

How can we jointly prepare your child for their next adventure?

All transitions at Kiddie Capers Childcare are completed with the child at the very centre of the process. We appreciate that preparing each child for their next adventure can be daunting for both the child and their parents. Therefore, we ensure that each and every transition is well planned, thought out and communicated with the parents and any relevant external agencies.

When the time arrives for a child to move on to school, we will facilitate a meeting with the school teacher, parents, external agencies (where necessary), the key person, the SENDCO and the nursery manager to ensure that all of the child’s requirements are successfully relayed to support as smooth a transition as possible. If required, the child’s key person and/or the SENDCO will visit the school to share their knowledge about the child.

As always, the care and education of the children at Kiddie Capers Childcare is paramount and our teams are well supported by their SENDCO to be able to signpost you effectively to any additional support that you may require.