Outdoor Play

We passionately believe that outdoor play and learning opportunities are fundamental to the ongoing health and well being of all children. Here at Kiddie Capers all children will be provided with daily outdoor opportunities, regardless of age and whatever the weather. Here are just a few of the benefits of outdoor opportunities;

-Building physically healthier children

Nowhere is better than the outdoors for running, jumping, throwing balls, catching, pulling things, lifting and carrying objects. All these actions require motor skills that improve with practice.

-Contributes to cognitive, social and emotional development.

Unstructured outdoor play helps children learn to take turns, share and develop other positive behavioural skills. They are more likely to be inventive, explore and learn about the world around them and use their own abilities.

-Improved well being and immunity

Outdoor light stimulates the pineal gland. This part of the brain is vital to keeping our immune system strong and making us feel happier. Spending time in nature is also associated with improving mood and happiness. Children who identify with nature are more likely to become adults who appreciate nature and want to protect the environment.  Children who play outdoors regularly, are more curious and self-directed.