Accountable to: Nursery Manager

1.       Purpose of the job

To provide high quality care and early years education for children at Kiddie Capers Nursery & Preschool

2.       Principal duties and responsibilities

Provide high quality care and activities for children which recognise both individual and group requirements in a secure, safe and stimulating environment

Organise activities, both inside and outside the nursery, which encourage creativity development, co-ordination, independence, self expression, and learning through play

Participate in the keyperson system and be responsible for a group of children, and monitor, assess and record and report on children’s development and progress

Follow the appropriate guidance and frameworks for younger children, e.g. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Work in partnership with parents and carers, following the nursery’s policy.

Be aware of child protection issues and follow the Nursery’s child protection procedures.  Ensure close monitoring of children about whom there are concerns

Be aware of Health and Safety issues and follow the Nursery’s policies and procedures

Participate in professional development and training

Work in partnership with other early years professionals, for example health visitors, pre-school SEND service, speech and language therapists etc.

Prepare and serve food, milk, drinks and snacks to children in accordance with the nurseries Food Hygiene policy and Local Authority guidelines 

To actively promote positive behaviour in all areas relating to food, nutrition and eating encouraging good nutrition and sociable eating

To prepare areas for eating, ensuring they meet high standards of cleanliness. To mop up and wipe spillage from floor surfaces or meal tables as and when necessary, and to ensure that dining areas are left in a clean and tidy condition

Assist children with personal care, including changing nappies, assisting with toileting and other associated welfare duties

Carry out ongoing cleaning of the nursery

Uphold and carry out the duties of the post with due regard to the Nursery’s equalities and equality in employment policies

Co-operate in the implementation of the health and safety policy and ensure that the nursery’s practice and environment meets health and safety standards

Undertake other duties appropriate to the grade and character of the work as may reasonably be required by the management

Carry out and document daily health and safety checks

Record and maintain accurate records of children’s attendance on Famly.

Be familiar and adhere to key nursery policies and procedures

Be familiar with the EYFS requirements

The list of duties in the job description should not be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive.